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Justin Gaethje confirms plan to retire in 2 or 3 years UFC I won't be around forever

Justin Gaethje believes he only has two or three more years left of fighting at the highest possible level.

Gaethje, 34, will make his 12th walk to the Octagon this July for a long-awaited rematch with Dustin Poirier. The leather-slinging lightweights will headline UFC 291 with the BMF title up for grabs. More importantly, the winner will likely find themselves in line for one last opportunity to become a UFC world champion. With ‘The Highlight’ admittedly on the back end of his already iconic career, his summertime clash with ‘The Diamond’ could very well be a do-or-die situation.

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Justin Gaethje shared thoughts on the inevitable end of his run, including a tentative timeline.

“It’s just the fact of the matter that I would say, by 37, I would like to not be doing this anymore,” Justin Gaethje said. “I’m 34 now. Two or three years is a long time, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that long. I’ve been doing this for 12 or [13] years, so ultimately it’s the back end of my career in this sport. That’s just the train of thought that I had.

“We’re so emotional after these fights that I wouldn’t believe anything that we say for a week. It was just my thought process after. I’m not going to be here forever. I’m glad that you guys are here to enjoy this with me. I was really talking to the fans in that moment.”

Justin Gaethje Knows the Importance of Not Overstaying His Welcome

Since making his promotional debut in 2017, the former WSOF lightweight champion has become a fan favorite for his high-octane style of fighting that has earned him Fight of the Night honors on seven separate occasions. ‘The Hightlight’ has also bagged Performance of the Night bonuses four times and he was one-half of the 2017, 2018, and 2021 Fight of the Year. However, Justin Gaethje recognizes that he can’t keep up the pace he has come to be known for forever and has no intentions of overstaying his welcome.

“I’ve been a huge fan of this sport. I’ve followed so many of the athletes and I’ve seen examples of people fighting too long, people quitting too early, people stopping at just the right moment,” Justin Gaethje explained. “I’d like to fall in that ‘just the right moment’ situation.

“I would say as soon as I believe I can’t be the best in the world with the skills that I possess, I don’t see any reason to go in there and risk what we’re risking each and every fight.”

Despite his throw-caution-to-the-wind approach, Gaethje understands what the long-term effects of such a style could have on his health. Of course, ‘The Highlight’ will never actually allow those concerns to affect the way he handles business inside the Octagon. Yes, the risk is far greater, but he has made peace with that and will continue to do so until the day he takes off his gloves for the final time.

“I’m human,” Justin Gaethje said. “The older you get, the wiser you get. The wiser you get, the more you understand that nothing is for sure, tomorrow’s not promised. So yeah, you start to think about these things more, but ultimately I think that’s not a concern of mine.

“It doesn’t play a factor when I go in there. I’d like to be healthy, but I know the risk involved and I have to be content with the situation that I’ve put myself in. Once I’m able to be content there, I’m able to live a little bit more free, I guess.”

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Sean Strickland eyes title fight with Israel Adesanya that one needs to happen UFC

Despite falling at the title-eliminator hurdle in anticipation of a middleweight title fight with current champion, Israel Adesanya last summer, Sean Strickland claims that a fight with the Nigerian-Kiwi most definitely needs to happen if he defeats Abusupiyan Magomedov in their upcoming UFC Vegas 76 headliner in July.

Strickland, the current #7 ranked middleweight contender, had enjoyed a stunning seven-fight winning run through division contenders up until last summer, dropping a thunderous first round KO loss to future middleweight champion, Alex Pereira in their championship-eliminator during International Fight Week. 

In the time since, Strickland has suffered a close, debated decision loss to Jared Cannonier in a short-notice main event headliner toward the end of last year, before taking a dominant decision win of his own over Nassourdine Imavov in another impromptu headliner, this time at the light heavyweight limit. 

Sean Strickland lays out path to a title showdown with Israel Adesanya

Facing off with Magomedov in a rather surprising main event clash to kick-off the UFC’s schedule for July, Strickland claimed that with a win over the Russian – he should be fighting Adesanya next.

“If this fight [with Abusupiyan Magomedov] goes my way, it 100 percent should be on the cards,” Sean Strickland said of a title fight with Israel Adesanya during an interview with MyMMANews. “I f*cking had a close decision with f*cking, what the f*ck was that guy’s name? Jared Cannoiner, you knocked some brain cells out of me. Solid guy. Thought I won on the scorecards but it is what it is.”

“I truly believe I should be the one fighting ‘Izzy’ (Israel Adesanya), but I lost [to Alex Pereira] fair and square,” Sean Strickland explained. “I’ll pay my tenants. I’ll get some W’s but yeah, that one needs to happen.” 

Expected to make his Octagon return at UFC 293 in September in Sydney, Australia – Adesanya has welcomed a showdown ‘Down Under’, however, has yet to be booked for the pay-per-view event at the time of publication.

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Khamzat Chimaev claims UFC want Colby Covington to win title because he's American

Khamzat Chimaev believes Colby Covington’s undeserved welterweight title opportunity is the result of his nationality.

Covington’s last appearance inside the Octagon came more than a year ago when he bested bitter rival Jorge Masvidal in a main event grudge match at UFC 272. After going 2-2 in his last four, both losses coming against then-welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, ‘Chaos’ has somehow found himself on the cusp of another UFC title fight. Dana White’s insistence that Covington was the next man in line led many MMA fans and fighters to cry foul as they failed to understand why Covington was the recipient of yet another title fight.

But for Khamzat Chimaev, the reasoning seems relatively clear. Speaking on his YouTube channel, the undefeated Chechen monster suggested that Covington’s inevitable title tilt with welterweight champ Leon Edwards was all based around the promotion desiring an American-born champion.

“I don’t know what UFC wants to do,” Chimaev said. “They give it to Colby that chance. When he win his last fight? I don’t remember. Who did he win against? Nobody. He’s a nobody, he wins against nobody. Usman broke his chin two times. He knocked down that guy.

He is sh*t and they give that chance for him because maybe he’s from USA. They want the belt for him. I’m from Sweden, I live in Dubai, so maybe they don’t want to give that belt to me. So, only that thing I see. I don’t know what else. Maybe they have good plans for me, I don’t know. I trust that guys, so we’ll see (h/t

Khamzat Chimaev Could Return Against Former Champion Kamaru Usman

With six-straight wins inside the Octagon, including a unanimous decision victory over No. 5 ranked welterweight Gilbert Burns last year, Khamzat Chimaev has been lobbying for a UFC title opportunity, whether it be at welterweight or middleweight. Fans can expect to see ‘Borz’ return to the cage later this year as the promotion heads back to Abu Dhabi in October. Recent rumors suggest a fight with Kamaru Usman is on tap for this fall, but no official announcement has been made and likely won’t be until we get toward the end of summer. Should he come out on top in the potential clash, he will likely find himself as the next man in line for a title shot.

Meanwhile, Colby Covington has stayed busy calling out practically every fighter under the UFC banner since his emergence from the shadows in March. A date for his return against ‘Rocky’ is yet to be announced, but it is expected to go down before 2023 comes to a close.

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Judo Throws

The grappling art of Judo has one quite a diverse library of techniques. One of the most asked questions by those learning about the martial art is how many Judo throws are there?

We’ve put together a list of all of the Judo throws for you and detail the 12 most versatile. See all of the Judo throws listed above and detailed breakdowns for the 12 most versatile for Gi and No-Gi.

How Many Judo Throws Are There?

As of now, there are 68 Judo throws listed in the Judo syllabus. In Grandmaster Jigoro Kano’s original syllabus, there were 40 Nage-Waze or throwing techniques. After the original syllabus was printed, 28 more Judo throws were added to the syllabus, which are listed below.

  • O-goshi
  • Seoi-nage
  • Ippon Seoi-nage
  • O-Soto Gari
  • Seoi-Otoshi
  • Sukui-nage
  • Obi-otoshi
  • Tai-otoshi
  • Kata-guruma
  • Uki-otoshi
  • Sumi-otoshi
  • Sukui-otoshi
  • Yama-arashi
  • Morote-gari
  • Kuchiki-taoshi
  • Uchi-mata
  • Uchi-mata-sukashi
  • Ko-ushi-gaeshi
  • Uki-goshi
  • Kibisu-gaeshi
  • Obi-tori-gaeshi
  • Uki-goshi
  • Koshi-guruma
  • Tsurikomi-goshi
  • Sode-tsurikomo-goshi
  • Harai-goshi
  • Tsuri-goshi
  • Hane-goshi
  • Utsuri-goshi
  • Ushiro-goshi
  • De-ashi-harai
  • Hiza-guruma
  • Sasae-tsurikomi-ashi
  • O-uchi-gari
  • Ko-soto-gari
  • Uchi-mata
  • Okuri-ashi-harai
  • Ko-soto-gake
  • Ashi-guruma
  • O-guruma
  • O-soto-guruma
  • Tsubame-gaeshi
  • O-soto-gaeshi
  • O-uchi-gaeshi
  • Ko-soto-gari
  • Hane-goshi-gaeshi
  • Harai-goshi-gaeshi
  • Uchi-mata-gaeshi
  • Ma-sutemi-waza
  • Tomoe-nage
  • Hikikomi-gaeshi
  • Ura-nage
  • Yoko-otoshi
  • Tani-otoshi
  • Hane-makikomi
  • Soto-makikomi
  • Uchi-makikomi
  • Uki-waza
  • Yoko-wakare
  • Yoko-guruma
  • Yoko-gake
  • Daki-wakare
  • O-soto-makikomi
  • Uchi-mata-makikomi
  • Harai-makikomi
  • Ko-uchi-makikomi
  • Kani-basae
  • Kawazu-gake

The 12 Most Versatile Judo Throws

All of these Judo throws are incredible techniques, but around 10-12 are the most commonly used. Here are our picks for the 12 most versatile Judo throws.


Uchi-mata is one of the most popular Judo throws among grapplers. It’s a dynamic throw that can be set up in a variety of different ways.

For the basic throw, take a sleeve and lapel grip. Then take a step forward and a back step behind it.

Now that you’re in position, kick up at your opponent’s inner leg above their knee to take them over.

In the No-Gi version of uchi-mata, you will take wrist control and an underhook instead of Gi grips. Break your opponent’s balance/posture as you get under their hips, and kick their inner leg out.



O-goshi is one of the original Judo throws that Grandmaster Kano developed. For this throw, you’re going to need to set it up by pushing your opponent.

Take your basic sleeve and lapel grips and step forward as you push your opponent back. Reactively they will step back and you’ll go into your throw.

Take a deep underhook around your opponent’s back as you take a forward step, followed by a backstep. As your opponent comes forward, take a slight bow, and roll them over your hip to complete the throw.

The No-Gi version is exactly the same with the only difference being wrist control instead of a sleeve grip.


Ippon-Seoi-Nage is one of the trademark Judo throws within the martial art that is extremely powerful.  Start with your basic sleeve and collar grip and pull your opponent forward.

As your opponent comes forward, take your front and back steps as you hook their arm. Make sure to hook your opponent’s arm at the crook on your arm and not at your shoulder. They’ll easily defend it and possibly choke or counter throw you.

Once you’re in position, take a slight bow as you pull your opponent’s arm down to take them over.(The steps for the No-Gi version of ippon-seoi-nage are exactly the same, but with wrist control instead of a sleeve grip.)

There is also the drop ippon-seoi-nage, where you do the same movements, but drop to your knees under your opponent.


O-soto-gari is one of the easiest and powerful Judo throws to pull off. Take your sleeve and lapel grip to pull your opponent’s weight to the leg you’re targeting.

Once their weight is on that leg, kick your inside leg up, and hook it behind your opponent’s knee. In one swift motion, you’re going to kick out your opponent’s leg as you punch forward with your lapel grip.

Throwing your opponent to the ground with force. For the No-Gi version, take a collar tie and wrist control.



The kata-guruma or fireman’s carry is one of the most versatile Judo throws. There’s numerous setups and also rather popular in freestyle wrestling and Sambo.

There’s numerous setups, but they all start about the same. For the basic version, all you need is a grip above your opponent’s tricep.

Use that grip to pull your opponent forward as you slide under their hips, and drop to your knees. As you’re dropping to your knees, keep pulling down on your grip to load your opponent onto your shoulders.

From here, you have various finishes. Everything from rolling your opponent over your shoulders, dropping them in front of you, or a sit-through finish.



The ashi-guruma is one of the most beautiful Judo throws with a tricky setup. As you’re pushing your opponent back with your grips set, you take a baiting cross step.

Your lead foot shifts to the outside and you cross step with your back foot. When your back foot touches the mat, you’re going to fake like your front foot is following behind.

But instead of following, you lift the knee up and kick your leg back across your body. Hooking your leg above your opponent’s far knee as you’re bringing them forward. Continue your kicking motion to take them over with a beautiful throw.


The Ouchi-gari is one of the easiest Judo throws that meshes well with o-soto-gari. This throw/sweep starts with getting your opponent to lean back by pulling them forward.

As your opponent’s weight goes back onto their heels, you’ll go into your steps. Start with a cross step with your lead foot and your backfoot follows behind it.

Then for the last step, bring your lead foot back across, and hook behind your opponent’s leg. Leaning your weight forward to force your opponent to their back.

If you practice MMA, this is a great technique to learn when you’re clinching against the cage.


Tani-otoshi is another great throw that starts as a misdirection. Looking like you’re going for o-soto-gari, but instead going into tani-otoshi.

Take a cross-step with your lead foot like you’re going for o-soto-gari. But right after your cross-step, take your back leg and slide it across the mat behind your opponent’s legs.

Use your grips to pull your opponent and throw them backwards over your leg. This is another great throw to use if you practice MMA or freestyle wrestling.


Harai-goshi is another one of the more dynamic Judo throws within the martial art. It meshes well with uchi-mata since it has the same footwork, but you target the outside leg.

Once your grips are set, take a lead step with your front foot, and a back step with your back foot. Then with your lead foot, hook your opponent’s outside leg right above their knee.

Kick their leg out as you pull them over to complete the throw. You can easily set this throw up by faking an uchi-mata or vice-versa.


Morote-gari is the Judo version of the double leg takedown. Making it one of the strongest Judo throws within the martial art.

If you’ve done any wrestling training, the mechanics are about the same as a standard double leg takedown. Pull your opponent up and forward, as you change levels, and grab behind their knees.

Once you’ve hooked behind your opponent’s knees, pull their legs out as you drive forward. If you’ve already been practicing BJJ or MMA, morote-gari should be rather easy to pick up.


Koshi-Guruma is one of the must learn Judo throws. It has similar mechanics as o-goshi, but you’re hooking your opponent’s head and not their body.

Use your Gi grips to pull your opponent forward and do the same steps as o-goshi. Lead step forward, followed by a back step.

In the same motion, hook your arm around your opponent’s head. Pulling their head down as they roll over your hips and go over for the takedown.

In freestyle wrestling, they also teach versions of this throw, where you roll to the ground with your opponent.


The last of the 12 most versatile Judo throws on our list is the ushiro-goshi. A phenomenal counter throw that’s a must known for any type of grappling you may practice.

This set up for this throw comes off your opponent attempting a throw of their own. Specifically a type of sacrifice throw, where they turn their back to you.

Your first step is to brace yourself and keep your hips low to avoid your opponent’s throw attempt. Once you’ve defended the throw, quickly take a tight bodylock around your opponent.

Use your bodylock to lift your opponent up and drop them to the mat. If you want to advance your counter skills, you definitely need to practice ushiro-goshi.

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Justin Gaethje laughs at BMF title rematch with Dustin Poirier at UFC 291 I think it's stupid

With fans and critics alike questioning the re-introduction of the symbolic BMF championship for this summer’s UFC 291 pay-per-view event, incoming ‘title’ challenger, Justin Gaethje has described the symbolic belt as “stupid” ahead of his rematch with Dustin Poirier.

Slated to take headlining honors at UFC 291 in Salt Lake City, Utah on July 29. from the Delta Center, former interim lightweight champion, Gaethje takes on fellow former interim gold holder, Poirier – in an attempt to avenge a prior defeat to the Louisanan.

Headlining UFC Fight Night Glendale back in April 2018 on home soil. Arizona fan-favorite, Gaethje suffered an eventual fourth round standing TKO loss to Poirier, as the latter continued his roughshod run en route to his eventual interim title win.

Dustin Poirier suggests a fight with Justin Gaethje is the “most violent” bout available in the UFC

Last time out, however, Gaethje managed to return to the winner’s enclosure in a Fight of the Year contender against Rafael Fiziev at UFC 286 in March, landing a close, majority decision win in the pair’s London co-main event clash. 

And earning a rematch with rival, Poirier later this year, Gaethje – who will also compete for the symbolic BMF title, admitted that he thought the original introduction of the title was “stupid” back in 2019.

“My true assessment: When (Jorge) Masvidal and (Nate) Diaz fought for it, I was like, ‘This is stupid.’” Justin Gaethje told Cageside Press during a recent interview. “However, to the fans that say it’s stupid, I say that it’s ultimately the UFC giving one more fighter one more opportunity to win and to gain an opportunity to gain pay-per-view points. This belt, just like interim belts, on paper, are a championship. You are a champion in the eyes of the UFC, and when you are a champion in the eys of the UFC, you get paid different.”

“So, to the people who say it’s stupid it’s the UFC throwing a bone, like we always ask them to throw a bone and they never do,” Justin Gaethje explained. “So, I’m thankful there is an opportunity that I get to fight for. Especially because there is only one in the world. It’s a cool looking belt. I think it’s a little bit of a show, but I think it’s ultimately UFC throwing a bone, and I’ve got to be thankful for that.” (Transcribed by MMA Junkie)

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Conor McGregor welcomes move to bare knuckle fighting from UFC I'd be happy to do it

Recently making a surprise appearance inside the ring at a BKFC (Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship) event, former two-weight UFC champion, Conor McGregor has admitted he is not opposed to returning to the fighting arena in the future – to compete, in fact.

McGregor, a former undisputed lightweight and featherweight champion, drummed up headlines earlier this month, after he entered the ring at a BKFC event in Broomfield, Colorado – facing-off with former UFC welterweight, Mike Perry, following the Michigan native’s knockout win over former UFC middleweight champion, Luke Rockhold.

Conor McGregor welcomes transition to bare knuckle fighting in the future

Exiting the ring with a championship belt in tow, McGregor was pressed on whether or not he would be open to competing in the setting – claiming he would happily make the move, detailing how it would be very difficult to turn in a “snoozefest” – as opposed to boxing.

“I would do it,” Conor McGregor told Ariel Helwani during an interview with Matchroom Boxing. “Yes, I would do it, and I’d be happy to do it. It’s hard to get a boring fight in it, and it’s actually almost impossible for a boring ight to happen in it. And I’ll tell you why – no other discipline or sport can say that there’s a zero percent chance of having a boring fight.”

“Boxing can be a snoozefest,” Conor McGregor explained. “MMA can be a snoozefest – there’s no chance of a boring fight in bare knuckle because even if it is just a back-and-forth jab match, even a jab splits the skin. So from the split skin, cause panic in the ring, and the crowd rises, and there’s zero chance of a boring fight. So it’s interesting. I’d be up for it, for sure. Why not?”

Expected to make his Octagon return later this year in a welterweight fight against Michael Chandler, McGregor recently attended the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco over the weekend, with fans speculating that the Crumlin striker is far from fighting shape ahead of a potential December matchup.

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Mark Coleman Conor McGregor

The beloved and legendary Mark Coleman has taken to Facebook to respond to an alleged “callout” by Conor McGregor. Although it’s been 13 years since Coleman last saw competition, he’s claiming he “smashes” Conor McGregor inside the cage and knocks him out in a boxing fight.

The legendary Mark Coleman has made his mark on MMA for an eternity. While not the most famous fighter of all time as McGregor might be, the old heavyweight legend has given us some of the most memorable fights in the division’s history.

Coleman last saw MMA action in February of 2010 when he lost to Randy Couture via rear-naked choke. ‘The Hammer’ has faced some of the greatest legends in the division’s history. His battles with Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua, Fedor Emelianenko, and more will live on as some of our generation’s most entertaining and classic heavyweight fights.

However, Mark Coleman is planning to step out of retirement and seems to be hoping for a self-professed “Red Panty night” in his video reacting to Conor McGregor’s alleged callout of him.

Mark Coleman wants to box Conor McGregor, claiming he ‘Smashes’ him in MMA

“Mark Coleman here. Hey, Notorious MMA. Conor McGregor. I’m a big fan, thank you for calling me out,” Coleman began in his video. “It has to be boxing, I smash you in MMA, you know that… Boxing, probably go to a decision. We’ll see who wins that. But, I want a red panty night! Silver is cool, Conor will die!”

In the caption of his video on Facebook, Coleman had a little bit bolder words: “Conor McGregor Has called me out, it’s time for a red panty night! I’m so excited. Can’t be MMA, I smash him in that sport, maybe Boxing. I will eventually get the KO, rd 2. Carnivore diet, 9 ancestral tenants, and of course sober is cool.”

What do you think happens if Mark Coleman and Conor McGregor fight?

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Michael Chandler

While obviously a pinnacle of health with his sculpted physique and insane fighting prowess, Michael Chandler recently took to Youtube to share some of the secrets behind his physicality.

According to Chandler, he’s got “Clinically high” testosterone levels, even at the age of 37. This factor may be what helps Chandler stay so physically impressive. As not only does he always have a shredded physique, but is known for doing backflips off of the cage and other insane feats of physicality.

Not only that but he’s just known to be a physically impressive fighter. His speed, power, and acceleration are all things that have helped him tremendously throughout his career and are traits he still utilizes today.

Michael Chandler shares the secret of his clinically high testosterone levels

Speaking on his Youtube channel, Chandler began breaking down the situation and spilling the beans on some of the secrets to his amazing health.

“I just got my blood work done, got my testosterone levels checked, all of my levels checked,” said Chandler. “Your boy’s in good shape, your boy is in good health. And I was talking to the doctor that I did the blood work with and asked the question why is my testosterone in such a great spot? Why is it in a very clinically high position?”

Michael Chandler went on to say that he worked out regularly, and always makes sure he eats well including taking vitamins and supplements to compliment his active lifestyle.

“Red-light therapy, using a sauna every now and then just to sweat out the toxins when maybe I don’t get a great sweaty workout in that week. So, lifting heavy weights, sleep, cold therapy, red-light therapy, and sauna. Those are kind of things that I think are contributing to my overall body feeling phenomenal.”

A man who has been around at the top of the sport forever now, it’s obvious that Michael Chandler takes great care of his body. This is undoubtedly a giant factor in his longevity in the sport of MMA. Check out the full video from Chandler below:

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Khamzat Chimaev issues warning to Leon Edwards I'm ready for you UFC

Seeing a slew of scheduled showdowns with Leon Edwards fall to the wayside through 2020, undefeated welterweight contender, Khamzat Chimaev has issued a warning to the current division champion, clamoring for his premier title offing under the UFC banner in his Octagon return.

Chimaev, the current #4 ranked welterweight contender, improved to 12-0 as a professional back in September of last year in the co-main event of UFC 279, submitting Kevin Holland in a dominant opening round D’Arce choke submission success.

As for Edwards, the Birmingham native turned in his second career win over former pound-for-pound number one, Kamaru Usman back in March at UFC 286, successfully defending the welterweight title in the pair’s trilogy title rubber-match.

Slated to fight Chimaev on three separate occasions between December 2020, and March of 2021 – illness for both fighters forced the bout’s postponement and ultimate cancellation. 

Khamzat Chimaev has been tipped to make his return at UFC 294 in October

And preparing for an expected middleweight division climb in his much-rumored Octagon return in October – Chimaev, who has been linked with a spot on the upcoming UFC 294 pay-per-view card in Abu Dhabi, UAE, has called for fights with the above-mentioned, Usman, middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya – and claimed he was “ready’ to fight Edwards too. 

“I want to fight for the title, so for me it doesn’t matter which weight class,” Khamzat Chimaev said on his YouTube channel. “I can go [170 pounds], but i don’t want to make weight for a nobody at [170 pounds], why am i going to do that? I’m number three – actually, that number for me is nothing. I feel I’m the king of this weight class and I’m the king of [185 pounds] as well.” 

“So, just give me a title shot,” Khamzat Chimaev explained. “I’m ready for both. I’m ready for (Kamaru) Usman. I’m ready Leon (Edwards), I’m ready for Israel (Adesanya). Doesn’t matter. I’m ready for everybody. Just ask Dana (White) when I say no. Never. I want to fight I am the best, and when you feel you’re the best you have to fight with the best, everyone.”

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Jon Jones defends bullied teenager future homeless UFC champion

UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones has come to the support of a McKinley Middle School student in Albuquerque, where he currently resides.

Most recently seen decimating Cyril Gane in his heavyweight debut, and scoring the vacant 265lb title in the process, Jones was long slated to face former heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic in a battle of the all-time greats at UFC 290 that fell threw. It is now unclear what the future holds for Jon Jones, although rumors of a showdown with the UFC’s very own Ivan Drago, Sergei Pavlovich at UFC 295.

For now though, Jones appears to be in a kind-hearted kind of mood, after hearing a story of woe concerning a young MMA fan who had been receiving a hard time at school.

Jon Jones encourages ”Future UFC Champion”

Jon Jones UFC 290 Stipe Miocic sprung on me
Mandatory Credit: Zuffa LLC

As originally reported in the ABQ Journal, Ray Garcia, a 14-year-old MMA practitioner, was touted by classmates as a “future homeless UFC champion”, a cutting comment in his 8th-grade yearbook. When his father phoned the school, Principal in order to complain, the bullying only got worse.

Hoping to lift the youngster’s spirits, his own MMA coach made an attempt to get in touch with UFC star Jon Jones, in hopes of some encouraging words for his young student. Thankfully, word got to the long-time former king of the light heavyweight division, and “Bones” was happy to help out for the youngster.

“It’s crazy that you’re 14 years old and people already know that you’re going to be a UFC champion,” Jones said in the video sent to Garcia. “It’s really special man, make that come true.” encouraged Jones.

While the case is currently being investigated, and therefore unconcluded, hopefully, Garcia can take the words of Jones to heart. It isn’t every day that the widely stated all-time greatest MMA fighter encourages you to try and be the same.

(Original quote from the ABQ Journal)

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