Tweets of the Week – 2/7

by Site Admin ~ February 19th, 2013

Ike Vallie-Flagg: Sensitive Colleague or Total Creeper?@IKEVF  @AndrewVecere @CubSwanson yeah man cutting weight with you guys was awesome -Louis Smolka ‏  @LASTSAMURAIMMA @AndrewVecere @CubSwanson because i kept offering to cuddle with you to keep our core temp up? 😉 ha  -Ike Vallie-FlaggBest Guess: Trying to “Cuddle”  Which one did I get in trouble for??   -Ike Vallie-FlaggTanned TweetsYo @Cruickshank155 found a pic of you before your last fight.   Hahahahah  -Cowboy Cerrone ‏@Cowboyc … Read the Full Article Here
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