By all accounts, Logan Paul is still learning the ropes as a professional wrestler but he always seems to pull off some jaw-dropping move every time he performs.

His latest daredevil spot came on Saturday during the WWE King and Queen of the Ring event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as Paul took on Cody Rhodes for the WWE universal championship.

During the back-and-forth match, Paul eventually placed Rhodes on top of an announce table as he ascended to the top rope with a bottle of his Prime hydration drink in hand. After taking a swig and spitting it back into the air, Paul leapt off the top rope and earned some serious air time for his frog splash before he came crashing through Rhodes and the announce table.

The high-flying move earned more than a few gasps from the crowd in attendance but ultimately that still wasn’t enough for Paul to earn the victory.

Despite his best efforts — including use of some brass knuckles — Paul eventually got hit three times with Rhodes’ finisher — aptly named Cross Rhodes — to end the match.

While the match didn’t go his way, Paul still holds WWE’s United States championship, which wasn’t on the line during his main event with Rhodes on Saturday.

Ever since he signed with WWE and then inked a longer term deal to remain with the promotion, Paul has been praised for learning fast on the job and remaining one of the most talked about performers on the entire WWE roster.

This is actually the second time Paul has headlined one of the WWE’s shows in Saudi Arabia after he shared a similar position with Roman Reigns at a previous event.

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